FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


For what age group is the mini-club ?

The mini-club welcomes children aged from 4 to 12 years. 

Where can I find the activity programme ?

The activity programme is available on our camping app Cool'n camp and on the information sign next to the reception. 

What are the opening times of the nightclub ?

The nightclub is used for various activities during the day, followed by a disco night that generally ends around 1 am. The nightclub is open in July and August only.

Is there a minimum age to access the nightclub ?

No, as it is also being used as a stage and entertainment room, accessible to all campsite guests.

Where is the nightclub ?

It is set outside the campsite, next to the parking space with the flags. 

Is there an extra cost for the activities and entertainment ?

No, they are free of access.

Camping pitches

What is included in the price of camping pitches ?

Included are: a camping pitch surfacing 80m² and 100m², the price for two persons, one car and 6 A electricity.

What are the arrival and departure days for a camping pitch ?

For camping pitches, the arrival and departure days are free; you can arrive and leave any day of the week.

What is the cost for electricity on a camping pitch ?

6A electricity is included in the tariff. If you wish to have 10A, the extra cost is of 3€50 per day. 

At what time a camping pitch must be vacated ?

Camping pitches must be vacated before midday. 

What is the difference between a Confort pitch and a Confort pitch by the lake ?

It speaks for itself: a Confort pitch by the lake has direct access to the lake. A Confort pitch is set at the heart of the campsite. 

Lake of Pareloup

I would like to angle, where can I get a permit ?

Yes, you need a permit to angle at the lake. Permits are for sale at the Tourist Information Office of Salles-Curan. 

What kind of fish can I angle for at the lake ?

You’ll find pike, carp, perch and many more !

Can I take my dog to the beach and in the water ?

Yes, this is allowed.

Is the lake accessible to swim ?

Yes, swimming is possible, but there is no lifeguard. The lake gently slopes to the deepest point, so there is no real danger. 


I have rented a mobile home. At what time must I vacate ?

Rentals must be vacated before 10 am.

What is the amount of the warranty deposit for rentals ? 

The warranty deposit is of 250 euros. 

Are the rentals equipped with a dishwasher /TV/oven ?

All of the rentals (except for the bungalow tents) have a microwave, but no oven. The Grand Confort mobile homes and Chalets Détente have a dishwasher. The rentals are not equipped with a TV, but there is a TV at the bar. 

Are dogs allowed on the camping pitches/in the rentals ?

In the Premium Grand Large and the Premium covered terrace dogs are not allowed.
In the other rentals they are allowed, provided they are kept on a lead and do not disturb neighbours by barking. 

What are the arrival and departure days for rentals ?

You can arrive on anyday of the week

Are there rentals with lake view ?

The rentals are set between 100m and 200m from the lake (the chalets at 200m). You can ask to be placed as close to the lake as possible. Subject to availability at the time of booking, we will do our utmost to offer you the best pitch. 


Is the pool heated ?

Yes, the pool is heated up to 28 degrees during the entire opening period of the campsite.  

What are the opening times of the pool ?

The pool is open from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. 

Book & pay

Do you accept ANCV Chèques Vacances ?

Yes, you can send your Chèques Vacances by (registered) mail. The address of the campsite :

Camping Club Les Genêts
Lac de Pareloup
12410 Salles Curan

On site, you can pay with Chèques Vacances at the reception, the restaurant and the shop.

Can I also send a cheque, and if so, to what address ? To what name can I write it out ?

In case you have access to a French chequebook, you can send a cheque to the following address :

Campig Club Les Genêts
Lac de Pareloup
12410 Salles Curan

To the account of : Camping Les Genêts

How can I pay the down payment ?

You can pay online by using a VISA/Mastercard or make an international bank transfer. 

When do I need to pay the balance for my camping pitch and which are the accepted means of payment ?

The balance for camping pitches has to be paid  a month before arrival on the campsite. 

I unfortunately have to cancel my stay. How does this work ?

If you have taken out cancellation insurance with the campsite, you must contact Campez Couvert. 

Do I get a refund if I leave earlier than planned ? 

If you have taken out cancellation insurance with the campsite, you must contact Campez Couvert. 

Can I take out the campsite cancellation insurance any time ?

No, the cancellation insurance must be taken when booking; it cannot be added later on. 

Can I book a specific pitch ?

No, but when you book, you can indicate your preference (sunny spot, mobile home away from the entertainment, close to the pool, etc.) by filling out the ‘Comments’ box, and we’ll try our best to take your request into account.


Does the campsite hire out motor boats without a permit ?

Yes, you can hire a motor boat without a permit on the campsite, from 35€ per hour, with reservation. 

Can I bring my own boat/jet ski to the campsite ?

Yes, you can make free use of the mooring (with reservation) and there is a jetty on the campsite. 

Is the campsite equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, and what is the cost ?

You have free access to a Wi-Fi connection on the campsite, you can ask for the access codes at the reception. Please note that it concerns a slow, countryside connection. 

What are the opening dates and times of the shop ?

June + September: 9 am-midday + 4 pm-7 pm (closed in May) 
July +August: 8 am-12.30 pm + 4 pm-8 pm, Saturday: non-stop from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Is it necessary to reserve for the restaurant ?

Yes it is recommended to reserve. 

Can I take my dog to the restaurant ?

Dogs are only allowed out on the terrace.

Is the campsite equipped with a shared kitchen or barbecue ?


Is the campsite equipped with washing machines ?

Yes, the site has washing machines and a tumble dryer. Tokens are for sale at the reception. There is also an area with sinks for washing clothes. 

Can I have my mail forwarded to the campsite ?

Yes, you can receive mail on the campsite. This is the address :

Camping Club Les Genêts
Lac de Pareloup
12410 Salles Curan

My friends want to come and visit me. Can they ?

Yes, of course. Visitors need to register at the reception to get the campsite bracelet and pay the visitor’s fee (8€50 per person). 

Until what time the campsite barrier is open ?

The barrier closes between 10 pm and 7.30 am. During these hours, you can park on the parking space next to the nightclub. 

Can I hire a TV ?

No, but you’ll find a TV room at the bar.

Is the tap water drinking water ?

Yes, it is spring water. 

Can I hire a fridge ?

Yes, with reservation. The price is 10€ per day. 

What kind of barbecue is allowed on the campsite ?

Gas barbecues and electric barbecues are allowed. Charcoal barbecues are prohibited. 

Can I hire a barbecue ?

Yes, for 8€ per day. 

What are the opening times of the restaurant ?

In May, June and September, open 6 days a week from 10 am until 11 pm. In July and August: from 10 am until 11.30 pm. 

What are the opening times of the reception ?

In low season: 9 am-1 pm + 2 pm-7 pm 
In July and August: 9 am-8 pm non-stop,  


Where can I find the nearest supermarket ?

On site, you’ll find a shop with basic products. In Pont-de-Salars (at 20 min.) you’ll find an Intermarché.

Where can I find the nearest tennis court ?

In Salles Curan. 

Can I find activities for children in the area ?

For all activities in the region, please click on ‘Tourism’.

Can I find activities for teens in the area ?

For all activities in the region, please click on ‘Tourism’. 

What is the average temperature in the summer ?

It can get really hot, up to 30 degrees, but the site is located at 806 metres height, so the nights are fresh. Temperature of the lake in summer: 20-24°C. 

Other questions ?

Please contact us: contact@camping-les-genets.fr or +33(0)

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