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Canoeing in Aveyron

Both the Aveyron and Tarn rivers offer whitewater canoeing in all its glory: accompanied descents give you the chance to pass rapids in complete safety. Discover them near the Aveyron Les Genêts campsite!

Activities at Les Genêts campsite

Canoeing on the Lévézou and Pareloup lakes

The Lévézou lakes are calm stretches of land ideal forbeginner canoeing or family outings.

Lac de Pareloup is a particularly pleasant lake to explore: its many meanders, islands and indented shores offer a vast and varied sailing terrain. It’s a great place to go on longer excursions, or simply to learn the ropes. The lake is also home to the unusual leisure activity of sailing canoes .

Canoeing in the Aveyron gorges

Several routes are available from Saint-Antonin, suitable for all ages (adults, children) and all levels (beginners or occasional sportsmen and women), so you can enjoy canoeing in the Aveyron gorges with your family or friends.

If you choose the 10 km route, you’ll discover the Bône bridge, the Capucins cliff, the Rocher de Manjocarn, the Saut du Loup and the Cazals mill.

Looking for a little more paddling? Choose the 17 km descent and continue to Penne-sur-Tarn. You can also take a 7km Aveyron canoe trip from Cazals (disembarking at Penne-sur-Tarn).

Canoeing in the Aveyron gorges
Canoeing in the Tarn gorges

Canoeing in the Tarn gorges

The Tarn gorges are a paradise for white-water sports such as Aveyron canoeing, an outdoor activity that combines sport with the discovery of magnificent landscapes during a family holiday in Aveyron.

A number of companies offer canoe and kayak trips for beginners and experts of 8, 11, 13, 17 and up to 32 km (half-day to two-day trips). Depending on the route chosen, departure can take place from the Malène bridge, Saint-Chély-du-Tarn, Sainte-Enimie or near Montbrun.

You’ll sail along admiring the cliffs and geological formations sculpted by erosion. At the end of your journey, you’ll pass through the canyon des Détroits and the cirque de Baumes, which will leave you breathless.

Discover Aubrac cows, the village of Peyre and fishing in Aveyron!