La Couvertoirade  France

La Couvertoirade

Holidays in La Couvertoirade

In a preserved environment, La Couvertoirade is a medieval island brought alive by stalls, boutique shops and restaurants. You’re free to wonder around the fortified city and stroll through its cobbled streets or enjoy an exciting guided tour. You’ll get to know the history of this village built successively by the orders of Templars and Hospitallers.

La Couvertoirade is a very lively village, especially during the summer season: enjoy the night markets, taste the baked meats cooked in the village oven and witness medieval festivals. The site welcomes falconry shows every day in July. The village oven comes to life and various workshops take place in the streets of the city: archery, blacksmith demonstrations, giant games, treasure hunts and there are even night tours on offer.

Camping La Couvertoirade itinerary

From Camping Les Genêts, there are two routes to La Couvertoirade. In both cases, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car to reach your destination. If you prefer major roads, take the D993 to Salles-Curan and join the A75 motorway via Saint-Beauzély. Take direction Montpellier and continue until exit 48. Continue on the D7 towards Sauclières, then on the D55 to La Couvertoirade. On the way back, you can return from the interior and stop in several picturesque villages to discover the local heritage before joining the campsite: Saint-Rome-de-Cernon, Saint-Rome-de-Tarn, Montjaux...

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