pecheur aveyron

Fishing in Aveyron

At Les Genêts campsite, you’re in the perfect spot for fishing in calm waters: the Pareloup Lake’s reputation is all you need to know on the subject!

Lake Pareloup and its catch records

Its fish-rich waters are known for holding several catch records, particularly for the biggest pike. From the pontoons or on a boat to find the depth, you can fish across the whole lake. Carpanglers like the Pareloup Lake for its schools of carp which you can fish even at night. The average weight of carp caught is 7 kg, but we often come across specimens weighing 25 kg. The lake is also full of breams and roaches. It is nevertheless carnivores which normally attract fishermen to Pareloup. With its catching records for pike and pike perch, it raises a lot of expectations for enthusiasts. Signal crayfish are also a legion in the lake’s waters. 

Go camping and fishing in Aveyron!

Looking for a fishing camping trip in Aveyron? Very close to the campsite Les Genêts, a local guide offers beginners and children classes and sessions to introduce you to different fishing techniques which can be practiced on the lake. If you uncover a hidden talent or passion for this hobby and you don’t have an annual license, you can pick up a fishing card for the day or week. Salles-Curan has a shop full of all you need for a successful fishing session.

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